You can download our members application form by clicking Application for Membership

Membership Requirements:
The Applicant must, at the time of submission of this Membership Application, either:
(1) reside in;
(2) maintain a law office in; or
(3) be employed within Middlesex County, Connecticut.

DUES: (Please submit with application)
Licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut for:

– Less than a year:
– More than one year, but less than 3 years:
– Three or more years:
– Seventy years of age or older:
– More than one year, but joining between Jan.1st& June 30th:
Exempt through June 30th of this Association Year
Exempt commencing July 1st of the 70thyear
$55.00 for remainder of this Association Year

Please Return To:
Meghann E. LaFountain, Esq.
Treasurer, Middlesex County Bar Association, Inc.
c/o Howard McMillan & Tycz, LLC
386 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457